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Yes, there ARE herbs that can help us to increase our energy and stamina!

 It is important to first determine the reasons for your tiredness or lack of energy.  The herbs you might use to support your body will depend on the cause.  A consulting herbalist or another holistic health practitioner can help you narrow down the options according to your needs.

 Are you getting enough good quality sleep?  Chamomile or Valerian might help with that.  I make a tincture that I call Eez 2 Sleep, which has Valerian, Passionflower and Skullcap, and gentle & effective sleep aid, which doesn't leave you with any mental dullness upon awakening.

 Deficiencies in vitamins or minerals can cause exhaustion, too.  Nettles are high in iron and other minerals, as well as B & C vitamins.  Floradix with Iron is an excellent liquid herbal vitamin & mineral supplement, which you can get at many health food stores.

We live in such a stressful cultural environment, and many of us simply don’t take time to nourish our souls and bodies.  Our nervous systems can be exhausted, causing us to feel a lack of energy, or even depression.  Herbs to nourish our nervous systems include oatstraw lemon balm, red clover, calendula, raspberry leaf, nettle, gingko, gotu cola and peppermint.

 Diet is another CAUSE of a lack of energy!  Think of everything you eat and drink as the fuel your body must run on.  Refined flours are incomplete foods and do not nourish us completely.  I recommend eliminating them from your diet as much as possible.  Eat whole grain and complex carbohydrates instead.  Use sweeteners that are whole foods as well.  Honey, molasses, and even fruits are more healthful alternatives and give our bodies some fuel to work with.  If you use sugar occasionally, use a less-refined sugar such as turbinado, or date sugar.  Many people have out-of-balance diets that consist of too many carbohydrates.  A high carbohydrate diet leaves many people craving more “carbos” whenever they feel their energy level dropping, and it does seem to perk them up for a while, but it is actually a vicious cycle which we can break, and give ourselves a more steady, even energy.  Spirulina and bee pollen are a couple of “super foods” that I use myself and often recommend. 

 Many people find that drinking ginseng or ginger tea instead of coffee or black tea helps their energy levels, too.

 Good luck!

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