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Belly Wisdom - Product Image
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Belly Wisdom

Whole body wisdom comes from the belly center. Relax and allow your breath to fill and nourish the life fire at your core. Listen to what you know is true: Life-changing love and power are unleashed when you accept yourself exactly as you are! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3" tall. Comes with above description. The old saying is wrong: It's not that "Inside every fat woman there's a thin woman screaming to get out." The reality is that inside EVERY woman, there's a FAT woman trying to get out and breathe, relax her belly center, undo her pants, let her thighs roar with thunder, and her breasts feel the breeze! One that wants to be accepted just as she is. Can you imagine what power and love would be unleashed if that were so? We would no longer be held back. The world would be saved! It makes my heart leap.
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