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Pure Silk Sarong, dyed with Logwood - SOLD - Product Image
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Pure Silk Sarong, dyed with Logwood - SOLD

I've hand-dyed this gorgeous silk sarong purple using Logwood chips. The sarong ties easily and hangs elegantly from the hips. The piece makes a beautiful, lightweight shawl, and can actually be wrapped as a turban! It is the exact size (45x105) for a belly dancer's veil. Logwood is a tree which grows in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. In Spanish, its name is Palo de Campeche, which means "Wood/tree that grows where snakes live". Extrapolating, my understanding of the deeper meaning of that is that this tree grows in places sacred to the Snake Goddess. The qualities associated with Snake Goddesses, and with snakes, are of "shedding old skin", and woman-power.
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