We've been listed on Mamasource, an online guide from Mothering magazine.  You can read reviews of our products there, and if you have something nice you'd like to tell the world about Herbs from the Labyrinth, you can leave a review there, too!

Here are some glowing comments from people who use my products!  Thanks to each of you for your comments, and for agreeing to allow me to post them!

I ordered and received a bottle of your Nettle Shampoo about a week ago. This is the only shampoo that I have been using since then and I LOVE it! I have never used a shampoo that didn’t strip the life out of my already dry, super curly hair. I have tried MANY shampoos (synthetic and natural) and this is the first to truly cleanse without stripping my natural oils away. It makes my hair so soft too! I am a heavy conditioner user because of my almost abnormally dry hair but today I thought I’d wash with the Nettle shampoo and skip the rinse out conditioner and just use my leave in. I can’t stop touching my hair!

I was going to ask you if you’ve considered creating a matching conditioner but now I don’t see the need. I have been suffering from a lot of shedding and super dry hair from an autoimmune disease and the medications, so I need a gentle shampoo and this is it. I am hoping the Nettle will encourage new hair growth. I will definitely be ordering more bottles in the future.   Chika

I just had to tell you how wonderful the eye pillows are!  I had a rough day at work today (I'm a caregiver for the elderly). I had to shower a paraplegic and then clean his house as he was expecting weekend guests. When I got home I was sore and had the start of a whopper of a headache. To my great joy there was a box on my porch, I rushed in and opened it and found the eye pillows. I popped one the fridge as I got a glass of Ice-tea, changed my clothes to comfy ones and sat in my favorite recliner and put the cool eye pillow on. 45 min latter, I woke up and felt refreshed and my head no longer hurt. Thank you so much for the fast delivery and the wonderful additions to the pillows. I hadn't even thought of feverfew or lemon balm. I will be recommending your products to all my friends and anyone else I know who suffers from headaches. Eternally grateful, Gina

I had to write to you to once again rave about Itch No More.  I hope all your customers know that it truly works.  And it works for just about any itchy skin.  Lately I've used it for bug bites, funky rashes (after working in the garden), AND my husband is getting relief from the terrible itch of a healing back-tattoo (he is following all the artist's directions for care -- but when the inevitable itch started, he was in agony.  I tried simply moisturizing it for him with mild lotion; I tried going back to the A&** ointment, but still, he couldn't stand it.  So I got out your Itch No More and it helped SO much.  Now he has me apply it at least twice a day).  I'll be ordering more soon....I have the bigger blue jar, and it's quickly depleting!  Thank you so much for making great products.  🙂 Annette

I recently stopped by your store for the first time last week and loved it.  There was a little of everything and everything unique and special.  Although I was limited of time-I picked up some x-ema balm for my lips.  I have dealt for at least 25 years with chapped irritated lips. Throughout the year they can go from lightly cracked to red inflamed and raw.  I have seen doctors, had tests and used every lip balm, cortisone, salve both prescribed and over the counter with no relief.   When I stopped by your store I was feeling the start of a "irritating episode" and started using your X-ema and within a day or so my lips felt relieved and the irritation faded. If I could only express the relief to have something that helps. Thanks so much--I'm spreading the word!  Jennifer H

Have I thanked you for my sleep?  Oh, Sarah--you have been mother to a baby, so you must know what a treasure it is to get some sleep after long deprivation.  I feel like my brain is clear again, not so fuddly-muddled.  Last night I know that I did wake up briefly to nurse him a time or two, but they were such restful nursings that I don't really remember.  Then he slept until four, when he became restless for the next two and a half hours--this is no big deal following weeks of more than hourly waking in tears, needing rocking and patting and nursing and walking about.  If I seem overly effusive, it's because this is a big deal. Thanks so much. Beth (Note: this was after a couple of days of drinking a tea that I custom-blended for her, which we now offer as Hush-a-Bye tea.)

Sarah, I just have to tell you about your (Astragalus) tinctures.  We've been buying them and giving them to folks who have children/toddlers with weak lungs or are sickly, combined with the Elderberry syrup.  We also used both on our grandson when he was diagnosed with asthma. Anyway, the results for these children have been astonishing. They have gone from being lethargic, sickly, very weak lunged babies to healthy, bright, vibrant children that run and play with normal sleeping habits. Their parents are overjoyed, Sarah! Your tinctures Rock!!  Donna

Sarah- I got my order from you so quickly! I just wanted you to know. I was so excited, beautiful stuff, and I already enjoyed a large cup of the Dagoba hot chocolate. My husband kids and I have been taking the dragon juice, as all have been sick. thank you! Jonelle

I would just like to thank you very sincerely for my order- truly the order was my pleasure. It arrived quickly and everything was high quality.  And the little gift of lip gloss is the VERY best I have EVER used, for any price. I am grateful to have stumbled upon your site and wish you the very best. May your business be blessed always.   A very happy customer,  Em

I just burned some of your stick incense and WOW!!!  I lit it a little before 5 - thinking that it would be good to clear the space for the 5:10 cosmic trigger energy event, and at 6:00 it is just finishing up.  That's some awesome long lasting incense.  Tina Sams (editor of The Essential Herbal)

....by the way, my granddaughter, MacKenzie, LOVED the monster spray. I believe they are all gone now.  Karen

I am very happy with all of the products that I purchased from you. I especially love the rose mist. It smells terrific, and it is a wonderful thing to spray around the house. It just kind of brightens up the place somehow. I don't know how else to describe it. Thanks again for everything.  Maggie

Just a quick note to let you know my box arrived yesterday.  Just opened it and everything is just lovely.  What a great supplier you are !  I thank you for everything here and it was so well packed I was amazed.  That is what all these "professionals" should be doing with their shipments.  Jenn

I'm using all of your products and I am so pleased. I want to visit again soon and purchase some more products to soothe my body and soul.   Naomi

MANY thanks for sending your wonderful secret magic potion!  I use it every night and it really makes my hands feel better.  I will not be without your Joint Compound.  It's great!!!!  Kaz Kazanoff, from the Texas Horns

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products.  You will probably be seeing me again and again.  Thank you ever so much for producing them!  Ellie

I wanted to tell you that I took the Eez to Sleep on Friday night.  And easily fell asleep and slept much sounder than I have in a long time!!  Since then it has just been by my bed.  I haven't needed it again, but I know that it is there if  I need it.  Thank you!!  I was amazed by how well it worked..............Last night, I used it again because my mind wouldn't stop.  Again it worked great!  I just wish that I had used it before, I could've prevented so many sleepless nights.  Jen

Thank you so much for the beautiful shirt which I received today!  And, oh, the smell when I opened the box!  I just love the shirt -- it is absolutely beautiful and comfortable and fits perfectly!  Yay!  Jean

Three rounds of chemotherapy in treatment for leukemia left me with very sensitive skin and scalp. This (Nettle Shampoo) is the best I have found! It has never left my scalp irritated; even the lather doesn't itch my skin. It also has a wonderful fragrance for a man or a woman.  Ian

The (Joint Compound) cream seems to be helping already!! He has a greater range of motion in that arm, this is a problem that he has had for over a year so we realize it will take some time to heal. Thank you so much.  Stacy

What a lovely way to do business. I only want that the rest of the business world worked so beautifully and in such harmony with the world and each other!  Jessica S

I collect natural oils and I thought I had every earthy oil (I have an earth moon [Virgo]) but the Amber Essence was new to me. I had no idea--the scent just sends me!   Danae

Wonder of wonders!  By Tuesday morning, Raven's eczema had cleared up- only two days of the Xema balm!!  Even by Monday morning it had greatly improved.  I've been telling everyone I see about your stuff- not that I wasn't before- but now I have this incredible eczema testimonial.  And poor Raven- I've been showing everyone his arms- "Look..... it's GONE!!"  Jen L

Just wanted to let you know my package arrived today in perfect condition, and I've already started using my new Boo Boo Balm.  Thank you so much!  Blessed be, Lucretia

Everything is lovely: the ear candles, the herbs, the books........and they arrived so quickly!       Etain

I received your Joint Compound . It sat around a while on my computer desk, until one day I noticed my right index finger was sore, and inflamed (I think this was mouse-itis!). At any rate, I am a testimonial to how well it works.  It was not 10 minutes until I could bend it without it hurting.  It stays on my desk, and occasionally, when the stiffness and pain flares up, I rub it on. Thanks, Karen

I have very fine, thin, frizzy hair. (what a serious pain) and I must say, this (Nettle Shampoo) actually gives me curls rather than frizz. I had to get past the desire to "wash it all out", since it obviously leaves your hair feeling very different than commercial shampoos, but once I got rid of that impulse I have really loved what it does for my hair.   Andrea B

My Mom loves the Luscious Eye Cream, Sarah! She said it feels like pure luxury when she puts it on.  Darla C

Thanks, Sarah! Exactly what I needed... The Luscious eye cream is to die for.

Michele B

I may open the (Luscious Face) Cream and inhale and never stop. The Ylang Ylang does it, but the secret surely is your overall mixture. Besides the intoxicating fragrance it is the lightness of the cream that I like so much. Used to be able to get such things years ago in my country. Here, most of the all natural creams are of the sticky bees wax kind. So, I am seriously pleased with this cream!  Eva R

I want to order some face cream to send to Atlanta for my sister as her birthday present. I just love that stuff! I'm so amazed with how wonderful it has made my skin since using it.  Mel B

... the Xema balm is working great for Caroline. It's the best results she's had with anything she's used for this problem.  Dana