Angelrox Opera Sleeves


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angelrox® opera sleeves are a signature source of comfort and joy. Especially elegant with a collection of bracelets at your wrist!

providing cozy warmth for the hands and arms yet lightweight and breathable enough to offer sun protection. crafted from bamboo, so they always feel good on sensitive skin.

we have also realized now how much of a reassuring + comforting layer our opera sleeves are for shielding our hands and palms a bit from touching surfaces as well as our faces.

thumbholes hold in place for easy layering and elegant hands. opera sleeves are perfect as a base liner under heavier winter gear or on their own to protect wrists from drafts.

stretch over elbows for timeless grace on formal occasions or scrunch near the wrist to add extra style to any day. devotees keep them handy in all seasons to cut the chill in air-conditioned spaces and protect from harsh rays and changing winds.



Orchid, Lagoon, Spruce


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