Goddess Dress from Rubyzaar


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This gorgeous Goddess Dress will make you feel like a Greek Goddess or a Priestess!

Hand-dyed rayon dress drapes like silk and is machine washable.

One-size fits most, and this dress can be worn with either side as the front.  Experiment to find your favorite look!

Fair trade and sustainable practices start from the bottom up.  To help sustain traditional craftsmanship and farming techniques, Rubyzaar collaborates directly with the weavers, tanners and artisans.

Two sisters, they live an extreme Bi-Costal life…part time NYC and part time South East Asia, working with the same family owned weaving & leather crafting collectives for over 15 years.

With your support today you are helping to preserve these traditional practices. Rubyzaar is sweatshop-free and fabulous. Wear it with pride.


Black, Grey, Teal


Shibori, Nautilus


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