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Bamboo Boy Leg Brief from Boody Eco Wear are seamless boy shorts for every day of the week.  Anything boys can do, girls can do better – right? Right. Our Boyleg Briefs prove exactly this with their soft, ribbed waistband and our signature seam-free sides. This style of fabulously soft bamboo viscose underwear hugs every curve comfortably with a gentle stretch that turns them into an absolute favorite. And best of all, they provide full coverage. Flattering, forgiving, fabulous.

Low leg, high comfort – women’s underwear just got exciting. Crafted using our premium bamboo viscose fabric, this comfy cut is definitely a winner. Not only is our ultra-soft fabric gentle on your skin, but it’s gentle on the environment, too. Double win! Bamboo viscose underwear has become an essential in every woman’s collection and this pair of boyleg briefs proves why. Add a pair to your undies drawer today.

Is bamboo viscose underwear better than cotton?

Cotton traps heat, which can leave you feeling hot and sweaty during your daily routine. Bamboo viscose, on the other hand, is 40% more absorbent than cotton, wicking away moisture and sweat much faster than even the best organic cotton could.

The moisture-wicking properties of our bamboo viscose underwear aren’t the only reason bamboo outranks cotton. Bamboo also uses 1/10 the amount of water to grow in comparison to cotton, self-replenishes, and doesn’t require pesticides or insecticides to grow.
And just when you thought bamboo viscose couldn’t get any better, it did. All of our women’s bamboo viscose undergarments, from our bamboo viscose bodysuits to our women’s bras, are naturally soft and breathable. Say goodbye to skin irritation and smelly lingerie and hello to amazingly soft bamboo viscose underwear!

How should I care for women’s underwear?

To preserve the feathery feel of your Boody women’s underwear, a little bit of TLC goes a long way. For all of our bamboo viscose products, including our underwear, clothes, and socks for women, we suggest a warm machine wash with similar colors. A biodegradable detergent will keep your garments (and the environment) happy and healthy, while air-drying in the shade will uphold the shape and quality of your bamboo viscose underwear for years down the line.

If you do need to tumble dry, switch to the lowest or delicate setting to keep your Boody underwear in tip-top shape. As for frequency, our women’s panties should be washed after every wear.


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1 review for Bamboo BoyLeg Brief from Boody Eco Wear

  1. lynnekassirer (verified owner)

    Boody Eco Wear –
    Sarah mentioned in a comment on FB that she had some bamboo fiber based underwear for sale. As a lover of all things bamboo, I was intrigued! I was not disappointed. These boyleg briefs are soft and comfy right out of the package. The legs and waistband are smooth. They do not cut into the skin like elastic ones do. I love them! Kudos, Sarah. We have a winner here!

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