Triple Goddess Elixir


My Triple Goddess Elixir is made from black, red, and white mulberries harvested at Summer Solstice, and infused with Maidenwort (Chickweed), Motherwort, and Cronewort (Mugwort) for 13 weeks. Bottled at Autumn Equinox.

This healing and magical brew invokes the energies of Persephone, Demeter, and Hekate. Feeling fierce.

Berries are anti-oxident, and a good source of iron and vitamin C, as well as potassium, vitamins E & K.  Chickweed is also full of vitamins, reduces inflammation, and is an effective expectorant.  Motherwort strengthens the heart, quiets heart palpitations, and has the ability to calm an agitated tummy.  Mugwort is a bitter herb, helps with digestion, and has anti-parasitic properties.

Other ingredients are distilled alcohol, water, and raw sugar.

2 oz cobalt dropper bottle


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