Round Market Baskets from Ghana


By Overseas Connection


These beautiful, functional, round market baskets are made mostly by the women of Togo and Northern Ghana, in and around the regional center of Bolgatanga.

In the past 20 years, basket weaving has become the primary income for the people of this region, so now everyone weaves these baskets once the farming season has ended. Known as “market baskets”, and woven from river grass dyed with fabric dyes, they are used by almost everyone to carry goods to market.

They come in an endless assortment of colors, and every one has either a leather handle or a handle wrapped in recyclyed rubber from bicycle inner tubes.

Easy to care for and very strong.

Because they are made from river grass, they can safely get wet, making them an excellent garden basket, too.  When your basket gets dirty, simply hose it off.

Approximately 15x9x14


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