She is Here by Gina Martin


She is Here is the epic finale of the When She Wakes Series by Gina Martin.

The ancient Maya foretold the end of one era, and the dawn of a new world.

The time is now.

Time for the work of the Thirteen, who hid the wisdom of the Goddess millennia ago at the rise of patriarchy, to come to fruition.

From Uluru to the land of the Lakota, from high in the Himalayas to the rushing waters of Victoria Falls, from the Hopi reservations to the Hebrides, the companions of the Thirteen are tasked with opening portals of energy long hidden that will reconnect and reweave the world.

As the forces of the status quo fight hard to hold on to what they have, Frances Fletcher races to awaken wisdoms long hidden and empower voices long ignored. With all the power of patriarchy against her, can she do what the Goddess has asked of her?

This is one woman’s story and the story of all women protecting the wisdoms of the Goddess and eagerly awaiting the time we can declare: She is Here!


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