NeemAura Outdoor Citronella Sticks


NeemAura Citronella Outdoor Sticks are the perfect way to naturally repel mosquitoes. These sticks are powered by essential oils and deliver a delightful fragrance of citronella, lemongrass and geranium.  I like to light one and place it under the table about ten minutes before I want to sit on the patio.  The gentle smoke wafts through your outdoor space politely asking the mosquitoes to LEAVE. Really effective.

Ten sticks and a metal stand in each box.

active ingredients- geraniol(4%) lemongrass oil(2.5%) citronelle oil(1.5%) rosemary oil(0.7%) thyme oil(0.2%) geranium oil(0.1%) inert ingredients-91% sawdust/vanilla


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