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Sometimes called Smudge Bundles, these wrapped herbs are an all-natural incense traditionally burned in Native American rituals such as sweat lodges. Herbal Smudge Bundles are one of the means by which people around the globe are reconnecting with the power of Mother Earth.

These 8-1/2 inch bundles are made in a sacred manner by Native Scents in Taos, New Mexico can be used to bless and purify your home, loved ones, or ceremonies.

To help you make your selections, here is a little about the energetic properties of each of the plants used in the bundles.

Sage is a primary purifier & has the quality of bringing you into deep awareness of the present moment, helping you to release awareness of everything outside of your ritual.

Cedar is used to consecrate, or make sacred. Many people find that cedar helps them to connect to their spirit guides.

Lavender is very relaxing, helping us to release tensions and distractions. Lavender also attracts healing energy into a space.

Sweetgrass is used for grounding, protection & making sacred.


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