Goddess on Earth Oracle by Lisa Levart


Goddess on Earth Oracle is a Divination Deck and Guidebook with Spirited Wisdom from your Sisters.

Oracle decks have long been embraced as a tool for divination, self-reflection and creative inspiration. This deck embraces all of these uses, while being centered on contemporary, feminist interpretations of myths. On each card, there is a message to help gain more clarity and perspective. Inclusive and diverse, the women portrayed offer their wisdom on the power of archetypes as a gift to others as they navigate their own lives. Included are 5 Creature cards.

Printed on premium card stock with matt gold foil, this museum quality 45-card deck is structured around the five elements; EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE and SPIRIT. The in-depth, 144 page, soft covered book offers readers deeper knowledge about the attributes of the myths, the perspectives of the women portrayed, and a specific action to reflect upon.

The beautifully designed keepsake box is 6” x 7”, the cards are 3.5” x 5”. This is an invaluable source of sisterly wisdom and a genuine treasure for life.

Photography and Creative Concept by Lisa Levart


Art Direction/Design: Book & Packaging Paula Kelly Design

Edited by Tanio McCallum


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