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Boo Boo Balm

A great, all-around first-aid formula for all of your cuts & scrapes. Yarrow helps to stop bleeding, and Comfrey encourages wounds to heal quickly. Also contains Balm of Gilead buds, Lavender flowers and Usnea lichen, all infused in Olive oil and finished with beeswax. Here's a note from a happy mom: "Jack is still struggling with his face...teenage acne...He occasionally picks at it and makes it worse by damaging the skin all around a blemish. I gave him some Boo Boo Balm to heal the spots that were damaged and he's now hooked. He came up to me a couple of days ago and said, "Mom, where's the Boo Boo Balm? I really need it. It's magic! It takes away the spots on my face in, like, one day!"
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