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Sarah’s Spectacular Oatmeal

For many years, I’ve been making this extra-healthy oatmeal once or twice a week from Autumn through Spring. I include lots of cinnamon to support healthy cholesterol levels, and dried fruit for extra anti-oxidants. My grandmother would have said that this breakfast will “stick to your ribs,” keeping you satisfied and warm all morning long.

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A Guide to Base Oils

Apricot Kernel Oil – Medium weight oil, easily absorbed by the skin.  Good for sensitive or prematurely-aged skin. Avocado Oil – thick, heavy, easily absorbed. Can be used by all skin types, especially dry skin, and by those who suffer from eczema. Soothes and softens dehydrated skin. Revitalizes and regenerates mature skin. Dark green oil

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Dream Pillows

A dream pillow is a small pouch filled with herbs, which have been selected to stimulate dreaming.  It is a simple magical spell, or prayer, for vivid dreams. Let’s start with the fabric.  I like to use cotton, flax, hemp or silk.  Flannel would probably make a nice dream pillow, too.  Please don’t use any

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