Tibetan Energy Bracelet – Healing Trinity


By Tibet Collection/DZI

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Healing Trinity Bracelet – The Healing Trinity Bracelet helps balance your inner energies.

A traditional Tibetan therapeutic bracelet made of interwoven copper, brass and nickel believed to help alleviate symptoms of rheumatism, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and arthritis.

Size: .35″ wide. Flexes to fit most wrists.

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Traditional therapeutic bracelets made of interwoven metals including copper, brass, nickel and zinc are believed to have healing properties that can also balance inner energies. For centuries, these types of bracelets have been worn with the belief that they can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as to promote healthy blood flow and circulation. Their attractive appearance and easy adjustability make them the perfect therapeutic accessory.


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