Brigid’s Cross from the Talog Witch


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This design of Brigid’s Cross is hand-made from farrier nails, which are traditionally used to shoe horses.

Brigid is an ancient goddess of the holy well (water) and sacred flame (fire).  One of her aspects as a fire goddess is Mistress of the Forge, and these nails are intended to represent that aspect.

The four “arms” on her cross are equal in length, and the central design offsets them from center, causing a sensation of movement, which is why this design is sometimes called a wheel.  It can represent the wheel of the year, the ever-changing seasons, and the 4 elements (earth, air, fire, and water).

Two gemstone beads are at the center of each pendant, adding color and the subtle energies of each stone.

Designed and made by the Talog Witch in rural Wales


red agate, yellow agate, rose quartz, purple agate, blue agate, howlite, yellow jasper, blue jasper, pink agate, tiger eye, sodalite, onyx


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