Naked Bandage from SilverCeuticals


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A Bandage so thin and comfortable you will feel like it’s not there!

This strong and flexible bandage is clear so you can check up on your healing without having to remove the bandage. This ultra-thin technology moves with your skin, flexing over uneven tissue as needed.

The Naked Bandage from SilverCeuticals is a waterproof, flexible, soft, and transparent bandage that breathes and moves with your skin, seals out dirt and contaminants, and feels like you have nothing on at all. It is nearly invisible, so like the name suggests, your skin still looks and feels naked.

It is designed for maximum protection and minimal visibility, so it discretely protects the skin throughout the day, and even stays put in the shower or bath. Simply cut it to the desired size and apply where you need it. As a bonus, it is also painless to remove, so you don’t have to worry about it pulling hair or removing sensitive new growth tissue. Simply peel up a corner of the bandage and pull gently. Pair it with a nano-silver gel for ultimate protection.


  • Seals out dirt and contaminants
  • For protecting minor cuts, abrasions, scrapes, blisters, burns, tattoos, and post-surgical incisions
  • Soft, thin, breathable, and flexible – fits body contours
  • Waterproof – stays on in the shower or bath
  • Gentle and painless removal
  • Transparent for easy wound monitoring
  • Latex free


The ‘Naked Bandage’ comes in large 12 inch (30 cm) strips that can be cut to length for the size you need, saving the rest for next time.


  1. Properly clean and dry the wound and surrounding skin, and apply any medication or an absorbent gauze pad if needed.
  2. Cut bandage to desired length. Make sure the bandage covers at least 1/2 inch of healthy skin on all sides of the wound.
  3. Peel away the paper liner in the middle on the bottom of the bandage (tab 1). Place the bandage over the wound and secure in place. Do not stretch the bandage while applying it.
  4. Remove remaining paper liners on both bottom edges (tab 2) and press down on all sides to ensure a waterproof and protective seal.
  5. Remove the transparent top cover film (tab 3) by pulling back the tabs that run down the middle of the bandage.


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