Bamboo Toothbrushes from F.E.T.E.


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Smooth natural Bamboo toothbrushes, available in various colours and with firm, medium or soft recyclable bristles. Adult and children’s sizes.

These bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable, home compostable and have recyclable bristles made from 63% plant-based materials.

From F.E.T.E. (From Earth to Earth)

From Earth To Earth (F.E.T.E) are on a mission to help everyone, everywhere look good, feel good and do good. They are taking everyday essentials and transforming them into little moments of joy for you and the planet.

The f.e.t.e brand is bursting with character and colour. In fact, you could say they are radiating so much “happy” it’s catchy. They recognize the importance to bring more fun to the everyday essentials and turn them into little moments of joy people deserve, while also being super eco-friendly. From the very start of each day, f.e.t.e can help bring more positivity to the planet.

All their toothbrushes are made with natural Mao (Moso) Bamboo (one of the hundreds of bamboo species that panda bears do not consume because it grows too tall for them to reach the leaves.) The bristles (available in soft, medium, and firm strengths) are recyclable. The painted handles are resin-based and certified non-carcinogenic). All packaging has already been recycled once and can be recycled again, or composted.


Child Blue soft bristle, Adult Green firm bristle, Adult Fuchsia firm bristle, Adult Blue medium bristle, Adult Purple medium bristle, Adult Blue Sky soft bristle, Adult Pink soft bristle, Adult Mauve soft bristle, Adult Latte' soft bristle


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