Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Whitening Pen


Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Whitening Pen is a delicious, healthy and high-quality alternative to chemical-laden whitening gels. Coconut oil is used in “oil pulling” an age-old Ayurvedic oral hygiene method, that increases oral health, overall wellness and naturally fights stains on your teeth.

This product is free from BPA, GMO, Sulfates, Parabens and other stuff that can be toxic to both you and the environment. And none of our products are ever tested on animals!

  • Pure Water Kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?
  • Coconut Oil Miracle food extraordinaire and the reason this toothpaste exists. Coconut oil has been used to relieve myriad ailments for thousands of years. In modern times, coconut oil has been recognized as a natural detoxifying agent and an enemy of harmful bacteria.
  • Xylitol This safe polyalcohol is extracted from plant materials and is a proven cavity-fighter that aids teeth in remineralization.
  • Natural Coconut-Mint Flavor Gives Dr. Ginger’s Coconut products an unforgettably tasty, yet subtle, flavor.


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