Love Spray from Shaman’s Dawn


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Open your heart with this sweet smelling blend. Promotes compassion, unconditional love, and opens us up to connection.

Made with: Rose, Palmarosa, Amyris, Bergamot, Cistus, Clove Bud, Elemi, Guaiacwood, Ho wood, Patchouli

Use Love Spray to open hearts and bring the energies of compassion, love, and romance. Love is good medicine, and this spray is infused with the medicines of both divine love and romantic love. It is excellent for emotional healing, to heal the heart, dispel loneliness, and open us up to unconditionally loving and accepting others.

Hand Made – No Animal Products – No Animal Testing

All Natural and Made with Essential Oils

Shamanically blessed in ceremony

The Shamans Dawn line of energy clearing sprays is hand blended and shamanically blessed by Adam Kane with healing energy and intention. Each spray is a blend of herbs that Adam was guided to use by the healing spirits. The sprays draw upon the powers and energies of the plant spirits within them to clear and balance the energy of a space or person’s energy field to facilitate peace and healing.

Each cobalt glass bottle is 4oz


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