The Flirt from Angelrox


The Flirt from Angelrox is playful. A foundation Angelrox layer that works as a poncho, skirt, dress or top. Its gentle comfort is ideal for journey, work, and play.

A perfect travel piece – wear it every day in a different way!

  • lovely circle bias skirt is made to twirl
  • comfort shaping corseted waistband
  • sustainable bamboo fabric
  • comforts your skin and allows it to breathe
  • sustainably crafted with joy in Maine

wear however you like

  • as a cozy poncho
  • pretty easy skirt
  • style short or long
  • strapless dress
  • elegant scarf
  • modern slip
  • sexy halter
  • babydoll

  • one size fits most as poncho (US sizes 0-14 for dress and skirt)


Black, Cacao, Indigo, Navy, Olive, Lake, Ore, Peat, Cedar, Spruce, Olive, Ocean


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