Elecampane root



Elecampane root, Inula helenium, is found growing throughout Europe, western Asia, and northwestern India. Elecampane is known for its height, bright yellow, daisy-like flowers and large, aromatic roots. Elecampane root has been used in traditional European herbalism since the time of ancient Greece for its beneficial properties including as an expectorant. The root can be infused, tinctured, added to herbal syrups, or used as a spice.

Matthew Wood teaches that Elecampane can help to resolve old patterns of pneumonia which wasn’t completely healed at the time.  This pattern can result in a lifetime of respiratory issues and weakness.

Elecampane is a member of the same plant family as the sunflowers and ragweed, native to southern and eastern Europe but naturalized around the world. It is named after Helen of Troy, who carried the flowers with her when Paris abducted her from Sparta. The 6- to 8-foot tall plant has large, pointed leaves with downy gray undersides, and yellow summer flowers. Elecampane is said to enhance psychic abilities and works involving scrying, as well as being one part of a nine-herb bath blend that is said to impart protection from evil.

2 oz dried root


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