Magical Weaving with Nancy Warble – This Class is Full


Join us on Sunday afternoon, October 8, from noon until 4pm for this class.

Weaving is an ancient craft. Evidence suggests that humans began to weave cloth from plant fibers at least 12,000 years ago. Even before that our ancestors used simple weaving techniques to interlace twigs, leaves, grasses and branches to fashion simple tools, containers and shelters.

Magical Weaving is a slow, gentle process involving repetitive movement – over, under, back and forth. It requires patience and concentration as you learn the techniques. Once learned, the process of weaving can be a form of self-care and meditation. This happens as you find the right balance of concentration and relaxation. Because of the rhythmic nature of weaving, you can, at times, even find yourself in an altered state of consciousness.

In this class you will learn the same weaving techniques that have been used for millennia. To make your weaving personal and magical, you may want to bring special items to add to your weaving. Some ideas include special yarn, strips of favorite fabrics, a piece of jewelry, charms, chains, childhood items that can be woven in, or attached to your piece. Even locks of hair can be woven in. Feathers, crystals, mementos, the possibilities go on and on!

All other materials will be included and provided. You will receive a reuseable cardboard loom and a weaving needle to take home with you, as well as instructional handouts.

Cost for this class is $45. You can register here, or phone Radiance at 717-290-1517

Nancy Warble will facilitate this class. Nancy has a degree in Art Education from Millersville University and is retired from more than 30 years of teaching art in public schools. She is following her dreams by studying shamanism, and contemporary witchcraft.  Her current areas of focus are reading tarot cards and teaching art to adults! In fact, she reads tarot every Saturday at Radiance!


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