Highest Self Elixirs – Gem and Flower Essences


In this magical collection of Highest Self Elixirs, crystals and herbs join forces in these elixirs to benefit your spiritual healing and sacred transformations.  Highest Self Elixirs are made by herbalist, Aemen Bell with focused ritual and love under relevant moon phases, using fresh wildcrafted and organic herbs with organic gluten-free alcohol.  Aemen is taking a sabbatical from making these essences, which is why you will discover that some of them are out of stock.

You’re Grounded is the Root Chakra essence. Create boundaries and support, be grounded in your body, affirm your worth. Stabilize and Strengthen! Wildcrafted Oak bark with crystal essences of black tourmaline & red jasper

Healing Chalice is the Sacral Chakra essence. Benefit all sexual issues, dissolve blocks to passion & creativity, invoke deep intuition. Trust Your Body! Fresh Hawthorn berry, Motherwort, St John’s Wort & Hibiscus flower with crystal essences of carnelian, orange calcite & jasper – out of stock

Lion’s Gate is the Solar Chakra essence. Find your courageous & daring self, feel your confidence amplify, let your joy shine & be seen. Be Positively Empowered! Wildharvested Goldenrod with crystal essences of citrine, ruby & quartz – out of stock

Pink Heart is the Heart Chakra essence. Give & receive more love, tap into deep forgiveness & compassion, work with the angelic realm. Open Your Heart! Wild Rose with crystal essences of herkimer diamond & rose quartz – temporarily out of stock

Bird Song is the Throat Chakra essence. Communicate & listen more effectively, realize your purpose, improve your ability to channel & do sound healing. Express Your Truth! Wildharvested mountain Mullein flowers with crystal essences of shultuckle, amazonite & amber

Lucid Dreams is the Third Eye Chakra essence. Benefit dream work, help with tuning into your Guides, increase your synchronicities. Open Your Third Eye! Mugwort with crystal essences of moldavite & herkimer diamond

Cloud 9 is the Crown Chakra essence. Relieve stress from using technology, find inner peace even during spiritual traumas, calm the mind that races. Relax & Release! Crystal essences of amethyst, rhodonite & herkimer diamond – out of stock

White Light is one of the Empath Essences.  It is comforting during transformations, assists with all soul loss issues, and works with the Divine Feminine. “I hold Sacred Space inside myself”.  White roses from the mountains and oceanside with crystal essences of selenite and herkimer diamond  – out of stock

Fairy Drops is an Empath Essence. It helps you to connect to the healing power of nature, assists in all inner child work and play, helps you to hear the voices of the plants and fairies. “I hear the voice of the planet”.  Wild mint and flowering thyme with gem essences of watermelon tourmaline, serpentine, galena, green garnet, and leopard skin jasper.

Wolf’s Milk offers spiritual protection during waking hours and sleep. It strengthens and heals the aura, and invokes Wolf and other vigilant animal guardians. “I am surrounded by divine protection”. Solomon’s seal root essence with gem essences of Labradorite and Herkimer diamonds. – out of stock

Rainbow Tentacles helps you to express your biggest, most extraordinary self. It will assist in clearing your fear of persecution, and help you to know your worth as a visionary. “It’s safe to be me & the world needs me!”.  Extract of Digitata with gem essence of Rainbow Moonstone – only two in stock

There is one power, which is our planet in a state of love, and we are the perfect manifestation of that power.  So our planet is in a state of love, for the good of all, according to the free will of all, and so it must be.


You're Grounded, Sacred Chalice, Lions Gate, Pink Heart, Bird Song, Cloud 9, Lucid Dreams, White Light, Fairy Drops, Wolfs Milk, Rainbow Tentacles


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