Dragon’s Breath Fire Cider


By Herbs from the Labyrinth

Based on an old traditional recipe, many herbalists make a version of this cider vinegar concoction. Dragon’s Breath Fire Cider is my variation on the formula. This raw apple cider vinegar-based tonic vinegar works to open stuffy sinuses and fight bacteria & viruses.

Contains all organic ingredients – the tasty, tonic raw apple cider vinegar is infused with onions, garlic, cayenne peppers, horseradish, ginger root, shitake and reishi mushrooms and turmeric!

Mix a couple of teaspoons in hot water with honey & sip. Especially great before bed – you’ll be able to breathe and fall asleep. And of course it balances the pH in your digestive system.

Great as a marinade & in salad dressings, too!

8 oz glass bottle


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