OM Mushroom Powders


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OM Mushroom Powders bring you the superfood of superfoods.

Mushrooms contain many unique bioactive nutrients that can’t be found in plant or animal sources alone.

Mushroom your microbiome.

Scoop, stir, add OM to your daily ritual. Add one teaspoon daily to super your smoothie, mushroom your matcha, boost your coffee, and nourish your recipes.

Each bag contains 100 grams (3.5 oz), 50 servings.

Dissolves easily for a very palatable culinary experience!


Chaga – sacred anti-oxidents, anti-aging, Cordyceps – Energy, stamina, endurance, Maitake – supports weight control, blood sugar balancing, Turkey Tail – Holistic defense, immune support, Lion's Mane – Memory, focus, nerve health, Reishi – Adaptogen, stress balance, immune support, Immune blend – Reishi, Turkey tail, and Maitake, Master Blend – 10 mushrooms plus 3 adaptogens!, FIT – Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Reishi


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