Breast and Belly Balm


By Herbs from the Labyrinth

One way to keep your breasts healthy is to massage them. My Breast and Belly Balm is perfect. Massage encourages blood flow & lymph movement.

A softer salve, that I originally formulated especially for expanding bellies and breasts of pregnant women. Over the years, I’ve found myself often recommending it for massaging cystic breasts & for lymphatic drainage. Olive oil infused with Calendula & Violet leaf. Violet leaf is considered a “specific” for breast health & protection against cancer. Calendula encourages healthy lymphatic drainage and is wonderful for massaging into cystic breasts, as well. Includes cocoa and coconut butters, too, as well as a few drops of Rose geranium and Roman Chamomile essential oils.

Made by hand here at Herbs from the Labyrinth, contains olive oil infused with Calendula flowers and Blue Violet leaves, cocoa & coconut butters, beeswax, pure essential oils of Rose geranium and Chamomile.

2 oz glass jar


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