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Ashwagandha Latte – Creamy and naturally caffeine-free, Ashwagandha Latte is a delightful way to get your daily dose of herbal adaptogens, including ashwagandha, shatavari, burdock, and more. Lightly sweetened with maple and rounded off with a touch of spices, your latte ritual never tasted so good. 4.2 oz.

Bitter & Bold – Enjoy the satisfaction of a daily ritual without the jittery buzz of coffee. Rich and robust, this naturally caffeine-free blend of roasty roots and seeds supports a healthy gut microbiome and nourishes the body with natural, grounded energy. 3.5 oz.

Masala Chai – Masala Chai combines naturally caffeinated Assam black tea, flavorful fair trade spices, and nourishing adaptogenic herbs. Inspired by the endless variations of spiced chai found throughout India, our signature blend provides a boost of balanced energy and a richly satisfying flavor. 3 oz.


Ashwagandha Latte, Bitter & Bold, Masala Chai


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