Aspirea Compound Tincture


By Herbalist & Alchemist

Aspirea Compound tincture is a good formula for general pain relief, balances physical discomfort.  This formula combines anti-inflammatory herbs (Willow, Meadowsweet, St John’s Wort) with two powerful analgesic/anti-spasmodic herbs (Jamaica Dogwood and Corydalis).  It also has Indian Pipe, which is an anti-nociceptive, an herb which raises a persons pain threshold.

Use for episodic pain (ie. headache, earache or toothache, menstrual pain, and post surgery) or chronic pain (sciatica, arthritis, bursitis).  Extremely effective.

Do not use if you are taking prescription drugs unless your physician recommends it.

Contains Meadowsweet, St John’s Wort, Willow bark, Corydalis, Indian Pipe, Jamaica Dogwood in alcohol, vegetable glycerine and water.

2oz bottle from Herbalist and Alchemist


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