Kandu Soy Candles


Kandu soy candles have subtle all-natural scents for your olfactory pleasure.  Choose your favorites from Amber Sandalwood, Blood Orange Vetiver, Jasmine Lilac, Lavender Cypress, and Patchouli Sage.

Candles make a versatile, gender neutral gift for people. Kandu candles are a gift that give twice! They are hand-poured by a women-led refugee studio, Open Arms, in their local community of Austin, Texas. When you purchase these candles you can feel good knowing you are also giving back and supporting the livelihoods of the women that make them.

Amber Sandalwood Giving the embracing feeling of warm summer nights when people like to get together and hang out. Amber evokes warm memories and exotic places, combined with scents that uplift energy and senses and vanilla that helps to calm and release dopamine for that happy feeling. A great gender neutral gift for him or her. Fragrance notes: top notes of sandalwood and vanilla, middle notes of jasmine, amber and base notes of citrus.

Blood orange and vetiver, the perfect mood balancer. Enliven and invigorate spaces with the bright & juicy citrus notes of blood orange, and support your mental clarity and focus with the calming scents of vetiver and cedar. Fragrance notes: top notes of grapefruit, middle notes of mandarin and lemon, base notes of vetiver and cedar.

Jasmine Lilac This candle combines the soothing, calming qualities of jasmine with lilac to support mental well-being. A perfect addition to a bath time or bed time routine to support relaxation from a hard days work, for busy stay-at-home moms and for anyone who appreciates some self-care in their life. Fragrance notes: top notes of jasmine and lilac, middle notes honeysuckle and neroli and base notes of patchouli.

Lavender Cypress The soothing combination of lavender & cypress invoke the feeling of a day at the spa, helping you wind down after a long day. Pairs well with a glass of wine during bath time, or enjoyed right before bedtime to help you drift off to sleep. Fragrance notes: top notes of lavender and bergamot, middle notes of juniper, cypress and cedar and base notes of balsam and eucalyptus.

Patchouli Sage A timeless and favorite scent across generations, patchouli has soothing qualities which helps lift moods after a long day. Sage helps impart a sense of balance and stimulation, and combine with the patchouli to ground you at the end of the day. This gender neutral candle is a great “pick me up” combo of aromatherapy scents. Fragrance notes: top notes of patchouli and pine, middle notes of cedar and sage and bottom notes of amber.

Burn time: 22 hours

Candles come in tins for easy transport. The gold-toned tins are 2″ tall and 2-1/4″ and include a tight-fitting lid.

Fair Trade, of course.


Amber Sandalwood, Blood Orange Vetiver, Jasmine Lilac, Lavender Cypress, Patchouli Sage


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