Zodiac Chime


Introducing our new Zodiac chime. This beauty features the wheel complete with the zodiac and planetary symbols as well as constellations. Zodiac image is on both sides of the metal disc.

Metal chimes are made from flat sheets/pieces of scrap metal and created by using basic hand tools and machinery.

Metalwork is a craft practiced in Behat in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Bell making is a traditional artform passed down for generations in the desert Kutch region of India out of the need to track herds of cattle through the remote areas of India. Herders knew the sound of their cattle by the tone of each bell.

Our bells and chimes are made by the Luhar family, who have been making these bells for years, and the tradition has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Made from reused metal Soldered together for strength and durability

Coated in a protective color layer Indoor & outdoor use Can be sprayed with a clear coat to preserve color and longevity

Size: 14″ x 7″
Made in India


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