Artemis, Virgin Goddess of the Sun and Moon


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Artemis, Virgin Goddess of the Sun & Moon explores the myths, powers and mysteries of this beautiful goddess. It is a thorough study of this goddess, with details of her temples and sanctuaries, the festivals which were held there in honour of her, the roles she fulfilled in the myths, animals which were sacred to her, her relationship with her virgin attendants and other deities, as well as the many titles which were bestowed up her. This groundbreaking book provides the most comprehensive study of this enduring goddess to date.

The goddess Artemis is best known today as a goddess of the hunt and of the new moon, yet to those who worshipped at her ancient temples and sanctuaries she was far more than just that.

To them she was a powerful and complex goddess whose influence spread far and wide throughout the ancient world. Her worship brought together the powers of life and death, she aided in childbirth and she protected and cared for those dear to her, whilst she also delighted in her hunting skills, killing both animals as well as those who offended her.

She was worshipped and celebrated as a goddess of childbirth, women, song, dance and of wild animals. As the daughter of the Titan goddess Leto by the Olympian Father god Zeus, Artemis would prove herself from the moment of her birth, by assisting in the birth of her own twin brother, Apollo. Zeus, who fathered children with many other goddesses and mortals, had a special affection for Artemis from the start and gave her all the gifts she asked for and more, making her one of the most powerful of the Olympian goddesses.


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