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Steven Forrest’s newest, The Book of the Moon, takes a fresh look at the moon, including new insight into the moon’s phases, the moon’s declination and the “out of bounds” moon.

“Steven Forrest has always been a brilliant astrologer and a gifted writer but with this book he has found his muse. He blends his vast knowledge of the sky with language that is pure poetry. The result is as inspiring as the Moon itself.” –Virginia Bell, The Huffington Post

Taking care of the Moon (the heart) in ourselves is the secret of happiness, but unraveling its messages requires that we learn its mysterious, non-linear, trans-logical language. Being in touch with our feelings is only part of it.

To follow the Moon down into our hearts is a journey into another reality, the interior psychic world, where our souls collide with ghosts from our past. Intuition, the Mother, Family, Healing and being healed – these are all lunar topics. The story unfolds against a shifting backdrop of epochal changes in our cultural relationship to what we were foolishly taught to call the Feminine, forgetting that men have Moons too!


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