Dagda, Meeting the Good God of Ireland by Morgan Daimler


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Get to know the Good God of Ireland through mythology, history, and modern worship. The Dagda is one of the most well-known of the Irish Gods, a king of the Tuatha De Danann and mediator between the Gods and mortals after the Gaels came to Ireland. A popular God among Irish and Celtic pagans, the Dagda is a powerful figure who reaches out to us from myth and memory. For those seeking to honor him today finding information can be difficult or confusing. Pagan Portals – the Dagda offers a place to begin untangling the complex history of this deity.

“Morgan Daimler has created the essential guide to the Dagda.  It is the perfect balance of scholarly resources and practical advice for modern seekers.”  Stephanie Woodfield

Morgan Daimler is a blogger, poet, teacher of esoteric subjects, witch, Druid, dedicant of Macha, and wandering priestess of Odin, located in Connecticut


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