Enchanted Living Magazine (formerly Faerie Magazine)


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Enchanted Living is a very small company, owned and operated by women, with amazingly creative and generous collaborators, who share the same goal: bringing enchantment into everyday lives.

Every issue of Enchanted Living magazine is filled with fabulous photography, articles, crafts, and recipes.  If you’re a fan of Miss Wondersmith, you’ll be excited to learn that she has a regular column, and if you aren’t familiar with her yet you are in for treat!

And when we are finished reading every word, savoring every recipe, and making every craft, we put the magazine in our stack of materials for collage.

Enchanted Living Magazine is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted. Every issue features exquisite photography, original fiction and poetry, travel pieces (from bioluminescent bays to Scottish fairy hills and castles), artist profiles, recipes, home décor, otherworldly beauty tips, craft tutorials, and much more—with a dash of faerie (and mermaid, and dragon!) magic sprinkled throughout. “It’s as though Martha Stewart Living and Edmund Spenser’s ‘‘The Faerie Queene’’ had a magazine baby.” — NY TIMES


Autumn 2022 (The Vintage Witch Issue) SOLD OUT, Winter 2022 (The Gothic Issue), Spring 2023 (The Spring Witch Issue), Summer 2023 (The Summer Witch Issue), Autumn 2023 (The Autumn Witch Issue), Winter 2023 (The Winter Witch Issue), Spring 2024 (The Book Lovers Issue)


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