Rose Quartz


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Judy Hall says “Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.  It is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra, teaching the true essence of love.  It purifies and opens the heart at all levels, and brings deep inner healing and self-love. It is calming, reassuring, and excellent for use in trauma or crisis.”

Rose Quartz supports new romance, love for another, love for self, love for all beings.  Encourages patience and transforms anger.  This stone helps to carry the weight of the burden of grief.

Small tumbles are 10 to 20 grams each.  Specify whether you want one on the smaller side or the larger side.

Heart shaped stone is 21 grams.

Shorter point is 136 grams. SOLD

Taller point is 145 grams. SOLD


1" tumble, 1" heart, 3-1/2" point, 4" point, raw chunk


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