Balm of Gilead Oil


By Herbs from the Labyrinth

The dried unopened buds of the Balsam Poplar tree, also known as Balm of Gilead, have been used in ointments for at least 3000 years. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, preparations containing Balm of Gilead buds have been used for bruises, frostbite, sunburn, superficial injuries of the skin and external hemorrhoids.

Magically, used for healing the soul and spirit. Energetically, Balm of Gilead oil can be used to clear away all types of unwanted psychic energies, and other unwanted energies. Perfect for clearing and opening the 3rd eye.

At Herbs from the Labyrinth we infused this oil with very gentle, but constant, heat for an entire moon cycle. Wild-crafted Balm of Gilead buds in olive oil. 1oz glass cobalt bottle.


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