Quartz Crystal Mala


Each of our Quartz Crystal malas, can operate as a 108 piece bank of tiny (7mm) crystal balls!

Rock Crystal can be used as an aid to focusing on spiritual practices including meditation, chakra and energy balancing, aura clearing and programming and manifesting intention.  Clear quartz magnifies every intention, bring clarity and focus.

Fair Trade

Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra, the name deity or any personal prayer. Traditional Tibetan malas are made with 108 beads. This mala is made specially for Tibet Collection by the Tibetan Nuns Project (TNP) in Dharmalsala, India. TNP supports 7 nunneries and provides over 700 nuns with a safe home, health care, meaningful teachings and a supportive community.


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