Robin Wood Tarot


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The Robin Wood Tarot is flavored wit vibrant nature imagery and luminous energies that enchant and stimulate Pagans and non Pagans alike.

The shining strength of the Tarot deck lies in its depiction of the Minor Arcana. Unlike some other decks, in which you sense that the artist may have found the Minor cards just a little repetitive, all of the cards in Robin Wood’s deck spring to pulsating life.

Even the novice reader will find theses cards easy to understand and enjoyable to interpret.

Tarot Spells is a beautifully simple book written by Janina Renee and illustrated with the Robin Wood Tarot deck.  Filled with creative and enjoyable rites which can enhance your daily life. With no more than a pack of Tarot cards, you can use the meditations, visualizations and affirmations included in this volume to gain greater control and understanding of personal relationships, career and money concerns, major life events and your own emotional frame of mind. No expertise, study or technical skill is involved–merely an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a desire to improve your surroundings, your circumstances and your fortunes.


Robin Wood Tarot Deck, Tarot Spells


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