Elder Flower Elixir

Elder Flower Elixir

Recipe by Sarah PrestonCourse: BeverageCuisine: HerbalDifficulty: Easy
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Very easy Elder flower syrup or elixir, your choice


  • 2 Cups Freshly harvested Elder flowers
    or 1 Cup dried Elder flowers

  • 2 Cups water

  • 1 Cup cane sugar

  • 2 Cups vodka, optional

  • Citric acid, optional


  • Harvest a basket of fresh Elder flower clusters. To make a pint of syrup, or a quart of elixir, you will need 2 cups of flowers after they have been removed from the stems.
  • Carefully, gently pull the flowers from the delicate stems. I hold the cluster over a large mixing bowl while I remove the flowers, so that I don’t lose any of the tiny flowers. You don’t want any of the stems in your elixir. This is a great job to do while sitting on the porch !
  • Next, loosely fill your jar with the flowers. If you are making syrup, you will need a pint jar. If you are making elixir, you will need a quart jar.
  • If you are making elixir, pour 2 cups of vodka over the Elder flowers. If you are making syrup, skip this step!
  • In a non-reactive saucepan , combine 2 Cups of water and 1 Cup of cane sugar to make a simple syrup. Over medium heat, cook, stirring often until sugar is fully dissolved and liquid is no longer cloudy looking. It should have a clarity. Do not boil.
  • Pour simple syrup into your jar. If you are making a syrup, you can add a teaspoon of citric acid as a preservative. This is optional. If you are making the elixir the alcohol acts as a preservative, so there is no reason to add citric acid.
  • Stir gently with a long handled spoon. Cover securely. Each day gently shake or rock to redistribute the flowers in the jar. After 2 weeks, strain through cheesecloth & bottle! Refrigerate syrup.


  • You can use a tablespoon of either the syrup or the elixir to flavor a glass of mineral water. Or make a fancy cocktail!
  • This is a perfect drink for a hot summer day when you are feeling overheated. Elder flowers have the ability to move excess heat from our core out of the body to be released through the skin.

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  1. When I make an elderberry oxymel, I use elder-infused vinegar. You can do the same thing with elixirs and elder flower honey. You may have heard of elderberry wine, but there many ways to make wines using ingredients you probably have growing right in your own backyard. Check out these seven plants and let the winemaking begin!

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