Celtic Protection Amulet


Hen Wlad Fy Nhadan “Land of My Ancestors”

When you wear this Celtic Protection Amulet, you are with your ancestors, though you may be a thousand miles away.  Your roots are home where they belong in Wales and the Ancients walk with you.

Glass vial with cork top is filled by the TalogWitch with Welsh soil, then wrapped with copper wire to form a loop, and hangs on a waxed cotton cord with an adjustable chain closure.

The TalogWitch writes:

If your roots are in Wales, soil of Mona is for you.  She is our Earth Mother, the cauldron of Cerridwen unto which we all return.

“Land of my fathers, land of my love, dear Mother of Minstrels who kindle and move, and hero on hero, who at honour’s proud call, for freedom their life blood let fall.”


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