Hand-dyed Silk Camisoles


Fabulous color from plants!  These hand-dyed silk camisoles are a dream to wear.  Comfortable, elegant, a perfect layer under clothing, or on their own for special dates!

Adjustable straps. Low hip length, stays tucked in when you want it to.

Machine wash and dry in cold water on gentle cycles.

I use plants to dye these silk camisoles, and in addition to fabulous colors, the plants add subtle energetic properties of their own.

Mugwort gives a color that is like golden champagne, and is well-known as an herb that supports vivid dreams and is useful for visionary purposes. The Mugwort I use grows at the edges of my labyrinth garden.

Alkanet shares a silver thistle color on the silk, and is protective of our physical health.

Logwood gives colors ranging from lavender to deep purple, and grows in places that are sacred to the Goddess. The Logwood I use is sustainably harvested and certified Fair Trade from the Dominican Republic.

Lac gives a deep pink/magenta color, from a resinous excrement of a small beetle in India, collected under trees during the fertile “Season of Red Rain”. Considered to be aphrodisiac.

Osage orange wood chips give a deep golden hue. The wood chips I use are given to me by a traditional bow-maker.  I think of it as “spinning straw into gold”.

Cochineal gives a color range similar to Lac, pinks and magentas, and is from a beetle that lives on the prickly pear cactus in MesoAmerica.

Madder root gives colors in the orange range, and has been used as a dye plant for more than 5000 years.

Tansy gives a soft greenish gold color.  Tansy is a good energy protection – it is used traditionally as an insect repellent.

Logwood and Osage Orange together create a gorgeous mossy green or olive.

Alkanet and Cochineal together give a ruby red.

Pomegranate rind gives a shimmering pewter. Pomegranate is associated with the goddess Persephone, who is Goddess of the Underworld as well as goddess of vegetation.

Logwood and pomegranate rind together create a plum with bronze undertone.


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Dye Plant

Madder root (copper tangerine), Lac (deep pink/magenta), Mugwort (golden sage), Alkanet (silver thistle), Logwood (purple/lavender), Osage Orange (golden), Tansy (pale green gold), Cochineal (pink/magenta), Logwood & Osage Orange together (Olive green), Alkanet & Cochineal together (red), Pomegranate rind (shimmering pewter), Logwood & pomegranate rind together (plum with bronze undertone)


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