Elementals Necklaces from Deva Designs


Beautiful new Elementals Necklaces for spirit expressions of each of the 4 traditional elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Evoke the spirit and energy of the elements as you wear these new and stunning original creations.

The Elementals and the energies they embody are:

  • Earth – Growing, Flourishing, Strength, Prosperity, Groundedness, Stability, Abundance, Creation
  • Air – Wisdom, Knowledge, Insight, Perspective, Inspiration
  • Fire – Will, Spark, Action, Life, Transformation, Courage, Energy
  • Water – Flow, Healing, Intuition, Emotions, Movement, Source

The Earth Elemental evokes the energies of growth, groundedness, prosperity, and abundance. While the Earth Elemental’s feet resemble tree roots, the leaf and sprout they hold overhead speak to the endless power of creation we all have within us.

The Air Elemental‘s wings represent the freedom and flights of imagination that power the human mind. A sacred spiral evokes the sense of motion and insight that comes with gaining wisdom, knowledge, and perspective.

The Fire Elemental has a burning flame raised overhead. This spark represents the active energy of life, speaking to the passion that drives transformation and change. Fire illuminates, and the Fire Elemental helps provide the necessary courage required to speak truth and to act in the world.

The Water Elemental reminds us that we are all part of the change we create. With a sacred vessel overhead, the Water Elemental represents the flow of intuition and emotion, as well as powerful healing energies.

Pendant size 2″ tall, fine American pewter, proudly handcrafted in USA. Each presented on a stainless-steel chain (21″).


Earth, Air, Fire, Water


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