Hagstone Pendant


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A hagstone is a stone with a hole that goes completely through it.  It is the most ancient (pre-history) amulet known to humanity and the archeological record shows that they have been used since the Neolithic period, and almost certainly before, but we lack the actual material evidence to prove it.  It symbolizes the Goddess, the circle of life and continuum, and then the universal shared concept that the divine was/is Feminine.

So why the stone – because it is one element encircling another, in this instance earth encircling air.  Islands were also seen as sacred (water encircling earth), as were mountains and high places (air encircling earth).  Indeed the child or creature within the womb was earth (flesh and bone) encircled by water.

In recent history, Christians claimed that these stones were protection against witches.  This was in fact a strange misrepresentation of the protection aspect, for witches were just the local Wise Women, and held more belief in the power of the Goddess than the Christians, who denounced Her – so all rather ironic and somewhat amusing.

These particular hagstones have come from the seashore along the coast of Britain and Wales, washed by the relentless tides, empowered with Her energy and unsoiled by the zorbic mayhem of the world.  Wear your hagstone and know that She walks with you and watches over you, all your ancestry and all the lifeforce that you were before, all the wisdom and experience of many lives is with you, helping you, loving you.

From the Talogwitch in rural Wales.

Color of cord

Black, Brown, Green

Color of stone

Brown, Gray, Blue


Copper wirewrap, Plain


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