HiBar Solid Shampoos and Conditioners


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Trying to reduce single-use plastics in your life? HiBar Solid Shampoos and Conditioners are a perfect way to reduce.

Look, no plastic bottle! Just a color-safe shampoo and conditioner that maintains the health of your hair, leaving it fresh and clean, with Shea butter and honeyquat to add a bit of shine.

Goodbye plastic, hello HiBAR.

Choose Maintain for normal hair. For people who wash less frequently. For the gentle removal of product buildup.

Choose Moisturize for thicker hair. For dry hair. For hair that typically needs extra conditioning. If your hair is more porous, alternate with our Maintain Set.

Choose Volumize for thin, fine or lifeless hair. Brings body and fullness without adding weight. Controls frizz and flyaway.

No sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or cruelty either.

True Salon-Quality hair care, developed by high-end hair-care professionals.

Because saving the planet is important, but so is looking good.

1 HiBAR = 16 oz of liquid shampoo or conditioner, which means one less plastic bottle. The planet thanks you.


Maintain Shampoo, Maintain Conditioner, Moisturize Shampoo, Moisturize Conditioner, Volumize Shampoo, Volumize Conditioner


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