Vital Omega Gold Fish Oil


The ultra potent Vital Omega Gold fish oil supports Heart-Joint-Brain health as well as healthy digestion and is part of the exclusive Brenda Watson H.O.P.E. Formula for Optimum and Vibrant Health.  The H.O.P.E Formula recommends a minimum of 2,000 mg of Omega-3 oil daily and Vital Omega Gold delivers this and more!

  • 2,350 mg Of Omega-3 Oil Per Serving
  • Fat Digesting Enzyme Lipase Added For Digestibility
  • Enteric Coated Delivery System for Burp-free Consumption
  • IFOS Certified to Assure Purity
  • Fish Gelatin Softgel (No Bovine)
  • Dark Capsule Protects Against UV Degradation
  • Natural Triglyceride Form Offers Higher Bioavailability

Size/Qty- 60 ct


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