Vital Planet HOPE Formula Kit


Is it time for a digestive system reset? The Vital Planet HOPE Formula Kit supports vitality, healthy digestion, heart and joint health, nutrient absorption, and gut-brain connection.

Benefits of the HOPE Formula Kit include:

  • improved digestive wellness
  • reduced constipation, gas and bloating
  • increased microbial diversity
  • enhanced nutrient absorption
  • better brain health
  • reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • improved joint mobility
  • enhanced detoxification

includes Fiber 35, Vital Omega Gold Fish Oil, Vital Flora Ultra Daily Probiotic and Vital Digest Enzyme.

• Formulated by digestive care expert Brenda Watson
• Promotes digestive balance, immune health and overall vitality
• Fiber: Fiber 35 provides 5 grams of fiber per serving from 35 organic sources
• Omega 3: Vital Omega Gold provides 2,350 mg of Omega 3 per serving in an enteric coated, fish gel capsule designed to bypass stomach acid
Probiotic: Contains a balanced ratio of lacto and bifido strains to support overall immune and digestive health. Good for both men and woman. Ultra Daily provides 60 billion cultures with 60 diverse strains in a delayed release capsule that bypasses harmful stomach acid
• Enzyme: Vital Digest is a highly potent, delayed release enzyme capsule containing 22 diverse enzymes for fat, carbohydrates and protein digestion
• Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan
• Family owned and operated

Choose the probiotic most appropriate for you!


HOPE kit with Ultra Daily Probiotic, HOPE kit with Women's Daily Probiotic, HOPE kit with Women 55+ Daily Probiotic, HOPE kit with Men's Daily Probiotic


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