Itch No More

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By Herbs from the Labyrinth

Poison Ivy? Bug bites? Summer rashes? This is the salve for you. Takes the ‘sting’ out of mosquito bites, too. For the relief of poison ivy and other itchy rashes, including eczema.

Wild-crafted fresh flowering Jewelweed & tender Plantain leaves from my Herbs from the Labyrinth garden, infused in olive oil, a few drops of Lavender essential oil and hardened & preserved with local beeswax.

2 oz amber glass jar

1 review for Itch No More

  1. Ana Börger-Greco

    Itch No More is a lifesaver!
    I have been having terribly itchy skin, and hydrating helped somewhat, but from time to time I really couldn’t overcome the temptation of scratching like a maniac, which only made it worse. Then I got Itch No More! It’s better than hydrating, better than Benadryl lotion or Sarna (which I was reluctant to try because “sarna” means “mange” in Spanish). I also likeItch No More’s ingredients, especially the olive oil, lavender, and lemon. Thank you! I’m managing my itch… I’m not scratching like crazy… I hope that soon I won’t be itchy at all.

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