X-ema Balm


Sarah’s X-ema Balm is a lovely soft salve for relief of dry flaky skin from eczema or psoriasis. Extremely effective, and even safe for babies! Made here at Herbs from the Labyrinth, ingredients are Licorice root, fresh Chickweed, fresh Plantain, St John’s Wort & Calendula infused in olive and coconut oils and just a few drops of Palmarosa essential oil, and bees wax, of course.

Here are some comments from happy customers:

*** Dana wanted me to let you know that the eczema balm is working great for Caroline! She said it’s the best results she’s had with anything she’s used for this problem!

*** Sarah, I have to say I am loving the Xema Balm, it really is helping! And it makes my skin feel so soft! It helped my skin stop feeling itchy and burny! I have recommended it to at least 3 others! Thank you so much!


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